Pearled Cobra Dog Collar (2 color)


The detail of the Cobra weave on this collar is accentuated by using two colors of paracord with the option of having the Pearl stitching in an third color if desired.

Made of durable 550 paracord the collar is available in a wide selection of colors so choosing coordinating colors for your fur friend is only made difficult by of the number of choices. The collar fastens with a curved side release buckle and has a cast nickel D ring for attaching leashes and tags.

For the petite breeds smaller sized collars are made with the paracord’s inner cording removed and a narrower paracord is used to add the Pearl Stitching. Standard size collars have 2 inner cords, medium size collars are made with 4 inner cords and large and extra-large sizes are made with 6 or 8 inner cords accordingly to be more proportionate in size to your fur friend.

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