L-O-V-E Three Hearts w/ Red Banding Collar


These Cobra weave collars are hand embroidered with three hearts then further embellished with matching banding on either side! A wonderful gift for your lovable fur friend on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year as well.

Petite and smaller sized collars have the inner strands of the paracord removed and are made with 2 inner cords. Medium size collars are made with 4 inner cords while large and extra large sizes are made with 6 and 8 inner cords respectively to make the collar thicker  and more proportionate in size to that of your fur friend.

Any purchase from the “Toki L-O-V-E Collection” will help Toki Poki share smiles and LOVE by sending pet trading card packets to kids in children’s hospitals around the country. K4K is donating 30% of each sale to Toki Poki to help cover the costs of printing and delivering the cards. K4K is proud to support Toki Poki in their mission of “Spreading smiles and bringing awareness to meaningful causes through our celebrated pets.”