Cobra Dog Collar (2 color)


You get to choose the combination of colors you want to make your pet’s stylish collar. Maybe it’s the colors that compliment your faithful companion best, holiday inspired colors, or even the colors worn by your favorite sport team so they can join in and show their team spirit also. Let your imagination run wild!

Two color cobra weave collars are made with 550 paracord which is available in a wide variety of colors and extremely durable. Collars fasten with a curved side release buckle and have a cast nickel D ring for attaching leashes and tags.

For the petite breeds smaller sized collars are made with the paracord’s inner cording removed. Standard size collars have 2 inner cords, medium size collars are made with 4 inner cords and large and extra large sizes are made with 6 or 8 inner cords accordingly to be more proportionate in size to your fur friend.

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