Having worked and lived with domestic animals and wildlife on his ranch for over thirty years, Duane brings a unique insight into his art. His firsthand experience training and showing an amazing array of animals from aardvarks to zebras, miniature horses to draft horses, cattle and dogs enhances his ability to capture the unique expression and personality of each creature. His early works were carved in wood and focused primarily on horses, cattle, and cowboys. After meeting his wife, Joan Embery, the Goodwill Ambassador for the Zoological Society of San Diego, Duane expanded his subject matter to include wildlife. His work begins with a sketch and proceeds to wax, clay, or wood which is then carved to transform it to bronze, gold or silver.

His frequent travels to countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico and the Amazon have given Duane the opportunity to study wildlife in their native surroundings. His bronze, gold and silver sculptures capture the unique traits, power, grace and beauty of the many animals he has brought to life through his work. Duaneā€™s studio is located at his ranch in Lakeside, California, Pillsbury Land & Livestock Co., where his days are filled with art, conservation efforts, and caring for over thirty wild animals, fifty horses, and personal pets.

Duane also manages a community riding club, shows horses and livestock and serves on conservation oriented boards.

Duane Pillsbury