Michele’s Wearable Art is the official site for The Joan Embery Collection.

A percent of all sales of items from The Joan Embery Collection will be donated to The Embery Institute for Wildlife Conservation specifically for the care and feeding of the wildlife ambassadors used by Joan to assist in educating the public about the necessity for conserving the environment and the wildlife that depend on it. View The Joan Embery collection.

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Arrowhead Earrings


Asian Elephant Head Earrings

Asian Elephant Head

Giraffe Earrings

Full Body Giraffe

Michele's Wearable Art - Zebra Full Body Pendant

Full Body Zebra

Giant Panda Earrings

Giant Panda Earrings

Michele's Wearable Art - Giraffe Head with Wood Beads Earrings

Giraffe Head with Wood Beads

Horse Head Ring

Horse Head

Michele's Wearable Art - Labrador Retriever Pendant

Labrador Retriever

Michele's Wearable Art - Asian Elephant Small Pendant

Large Asian Elephant

Michele's Wearable Art - Giant Panda Pendant

Large Giant Panda

Michele's Wearable Art - Large Horse Head Pendant

Large Horse Head

Michele's Wearable Art - Cougar Pendant

Mountain Lion

Michele's Wearable Art - Oryx Pendant


Seagull Earrings


Michele's Wearable Art - Toco Toucan Pendant

Toco Toucan