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The detail shown in these Sterling Silver arrowhead earrings is incredible. Shown here suspended from French wires the arrowheads alone measure approximately 3/4" in length. Available also in 14 carrat gold - please contact us ... more >
Asian Elephant Head Earrings
The amount of detail captured by the artist in these Sterling Silver Asian elephant head earrings is absolutely amazing.  Suspended from leverback earwires the elephant head alone measures 1/2" in length with the total length including the ... more >
Cheetah Head Earrings
These handsome Sterling Silver Cheetah head earrings will coordinate well with many of your outfits.  With omega backs they are very versatile as they can be worn alone or with a variety of stone boats or other items added to enhance their beauty and match your outfit.  These earrings measure 7/8 inches in length. Stone boats and SS focals sold separately. Available also in 14 carat gold - please contact us for pricing. Because each piece is individually cast please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Fast Fact: Cheetahs must eat their kill quickly as they can be driven off by leopards, lions or hyenas.  They are not strong enough to hide or guard their catch so they only have one chance to eat their meal. more >
Full Body Giraffe Earrings
These Sterling Silver full body giraffe elephant earrings will look wonderful with your casual attire.  Suspended from leverback earwires the giraffes each measure approximately 7/8" in length.  Available also in 14 carat gold - ... more >
Giant Panda Earrings
These incredible Giant Panda earrings are so amazing you expect them to come to life. Cast in Sterling Silver they are suspended from leverback earwires and the Panda heads alone each measure a little over 1/2" in length.  Available also ... more >
Giraffe Head with Wood Beads
These lovely Sterling Silver giraffe earrings on French wires with wood bead accents will coordinate with many outfits.  The detail shown on the giraffe's face reflects the grace associated with these animals. The giraffe head alone ... more >
Seagull Earrings
These lovely Sterling Silver seagulls are suspended from French wires by attaching the bales to the end of the wings so one to imagine the playful nature of these birds as they soar through the sky. Available also in 14k gold - please contact us for ... more >
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 
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